There’s something strangely magical about wedding gowns. They are one of the most cherished attires women have as it reminds them of the most special day of their life-their wedding. Here are some important tips to preserve your wedding dress, brought to you by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the best company for bridal dresses and wedding suits for men in Dubai.

Dry clean it

Clean your gown immediately as over time, stains will set and they become more and more difficult to remove.

Never store your dress in an airtight bag

Keep your suits in a place where they can breathe. Be aware that keeping a wedding dress in an airtight bag for storage might seem like a good idea, but it will invite moths and mold. You can instead box your gown with acid free tissue paper, suggest the experts at Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the one stop shop for best bridal dresses in Dubai.

The type of box to use

You can choose a special wedding garment box to store your dress. If you choose this storage procedure, your best bet is to buy some unbleached muslin cloth and wrap your wedding dress in this cloth prior to packaging in the box.

How to tackle moths?

Dried lavender leaves sealed in pouches and kept in pockets repel moths just as effectively without the foul smell associated with moth balls. Barring this, cleaning your closet and vacuuming the space regularly will work wonders.

Vertical or flat?

The best way to store your wedding gown is to store it inside a box in the horizontal position. It is not a good idea to hanger your wedding dress, suggest the wedding experts at Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings.

Whether, you wish to pass on the dress to your future generations or want to keep it as a sweet memory, these tips from Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings will keep your dress looking new like for years. For more such tips or to get the best wedding planning services such as wedding venue, wedding invitation, wedding decorations, wedding photographers or wedding favors in Dubai, visit Aghareed by Lafayette Wedding at-


Wedding Invitation-important things to include

Invitations are one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding as they provide guests with crucial information. Though wedding is not a formal occasion, but there are certain things that have to be kept in mind when designing the wedding invitation cards. Read on to find out through this interesting article by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the best company for wedding services such as wedding invitation, wedding decorations in Dubai.

Include wedding date and venue

First, you need to have the time and date of the wedding. Remember that once you send the invites out, the time and date are going to be locked in, so check with your officiate and the venue to make sure that your wedding is properly scheduled. Secondly, you need to mention the address of the venue for the wedding. Check with a map to be sure that it is correct, and double check with the actual venue.

Include directions and maps

It is essential to include directions or a map with your invitation as not all of your guests will know the area, especially if you are having out-of-town guests. These inserts should not be photocopies. They should be printed in the same style as the rest of your invitations, suggest the experts at Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the best company for wedding invitations in Dubai.

Include dress code, if any

Include a dress code in the lower right-hand corner of the invite or on a reception card; for example: “black-tie,” “cocktail attire” or “casual attire” etc.

Invitation Layout

Once you have the correct information, it is important to be able to put it into the correct order and into the correct wording. First, include the names of your parents. You may want to continue with some words about the service, such as your names and that both of you are going to be joined in matrimony. Following this, you want to have the name of the venue, the address of the venue, and the date and time.

Whatever design you choose: make sure to include all the above information in your wedding invitation and do remember to send the invites much ahead of time. For more such wedding planning tips, or to get wedding services such as wedding decorations, wedding accessories, wedding venue or expert Dubai wedding photographers, contact Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings at-

Expert tips on flower decoration for your wedding venue

There are numerous ways to decorate the wedding venue, but no other method can beat the beauty and charm of fresh flowers. A wedding venue dressed with twinkling lights and beautiful, fragrant flowers; while guests and the happy wedding couple wander the beautiful rooms can make your wedding look like a fairytale wedding. Here are some ideas you can use to decorate your wedding venue with flowers, brought to you by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the one stop destination for all sorts of wedding arrangements in Dubai.

Seek help

Meet at least three florists before you decide anything about your flower decorations. Florists know the flowers well and they have done flower decorations for events many times before. Also, they know which flowers will cost you less and yet look beautiful. This guidance is extremely helpful if you are unsure about the choice of flowers.

Keep the theme in mind

It is very important to make sure that your choices and decisions revolve around the theme that you choose for your wedding. For example: for a particular color decor theme, you need to be really careful while choosing the flower colors, suggest the expert planners for weddings in Dubai.

Choose seasonal flowers

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is the season. Try to choose as many seasonal flowers as possible. This will help you have the best decorations at reasonable prices.

Choose wedding flowers according to your wedding dress

Always tell your florist the color of dress you are going to be wearing on your wedding day. This way, the florist can suggest bouquet styles that are complementary in terms of size, color and grandeur. Wedding decorations done in this manner will make your photographs look stunningly beautiful.

Talk to your florist

When you’ve finally committed to a florist, set up a second meeting to finalize the details of your order, in terms of the specific types of flowers that will be used, as well as the colors, style or composition, and quantity.

Decorating your wedding venue does not have to be stressful , all you need is thorough research, some careful planning or expert tips from Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the leading company for wedding planning services such as wedding venue, wedding photography, bridal dresses, wedding invitations and wedding accessories in Dubai.

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How To Select Shirt For Your Wedding Suit

Every man wants to look dapper on his wedding day. After all, it’s the bride and groom who is the centre of attraction on their D-day. Choosing the right attire for men on their wedding day needs to be a combination of individual taste, time of day and style of wedding. Here is an article that talks about choosing the right shirt to go with wedding suit, brought to you by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the one stop destination for wedding suits for men in Dubai.

Shirt Color-which one to select?

While a white dress shirt is usually a safe bet, if the bride or bridesmaids are wearing anything like a cream-colored dress, then it is good to opt for an ecru or ivory dress shirt.

Consider the theme of your wedding

What type of wedding are you having? Does the shirt need to be very formal and fancy, a more casual style or somewhere in between.  Determining this first hand narrows down your search, for an easier shopping experience, suggest the experts at Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings-the preferred choice for men wedding suits and bridal dresses in Dubai.

Collar type

If you plan to wear a tuxedo then English spread collar is recommended; It goes equally great with a bow-tie and a long neck tie. If you are doing the tuxedo shirt, then you can also opt for the wingtip collar, but keep in mind that this collar style can have a tendency to move out of place which can be a cause of discomfort.


Decide before you shop what kind of neckwear, cufflinks etc., you would like to use as this too would determine what structure of shirt you would need.

With the availability of so many choices, selecting the right shirt to match your wedding suit can be overwhelming. Use the tips given above to select the right shirt for your wedding suit and be ready to make heads turn. For more such tips or to find the right wedding attire for your special day, visit Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings. Aghareed by Lafayette Wedding specializes in all sorts of wedding arrangements including-wedding invitation cards, wedding photographers, wedding dresses, wedding favors in Dubai etc.

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Common Beauty Blunders To Avoid On Your D-Day

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day. From dress to accessories everything is given a careful thought by would be brides, but one aspect that is often ignored by the brides is make-up. Make-up is all about enhancing your natural beauty, but many people don’t understand this and commit some beauty blunders which make them regret later. Here are some common beauty blunders brought to you by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings that has some of the best make-up artists for bridal make-up in Dubai.

Not communicating well with your make-up artist

For a lot of people, their wedding is a time when they can really take pleasure in having someone else do their make-up. There can be a temptation to just indulge in the experience and not explaining what you actually want to look like. If you have a particular look in mind, talk to your make-up artist, better if you can get a make-up test done before your wedding day.

Overdoing the makeup

The best bridal make-up is simply the most exquisitely polished version of how the bride usually looks, so keep it simple yet beautiful. When you‘re picking your wedding makeup consider first the features you want to bring out, this will help you look good in photographs too, suggest the wedding photographers in Dubai at Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings.

Making drastic changes too close to the wedding date

Spray tans, Brow waxes, invasive facials or new products should all be tested at least once a few weeks before the big day. Experimenting too much with your looks close to the wedding date can make you regret later.

Going too dark on eyes

Define your eyes by applying color in the crease, but avoid using a shade that’s too dense, as it can detract from the eyes themselves.

In a bid to look dazzling, many brides end up looking gaudy and parched. Don’t find yourself in the same league, follow the tips given above and look like a million dollar girl on your D-day. To get more such tips or to schedule an appointment with the best make-up experts, contact Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings. Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings is a well known company for quality wedding services such as wedding packages, wedding photography, wedding invitation cards in Dubai, wedding cakes etc.

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How To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Your Guests?

Wedding is a blissful celebration that brings wonderful moments that build life and relations. Soon to be wed couple feels an urge to organize their wedding celebration in such a manner that it could be etched in the memories of all event attendees. If you are going to get married soon and looking for ways to make your wedding memorable and truly special, here are some useful tips brought to you by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings in Dubai.

Buy welcome gifts for your guests

Prepare a gift basket or gift bag with goodies that they can enjoy in their hotel room. You can deliver the gift bags to the front desk at the hotel ahead of their arrival or present it to them the first time you see them. Put a pretty, hand-written personal welcome note on the top of the basket or bag.

Arrange reception table cards

If they’re in alphabetical order, they’ll be easily found. Table numbers should be printed on the cards if you’re assigning seats for your guests in your wedding hall in Dubai.

Remember the basic necessities

In the men’s restroom, provide combs, pins, a shoe buffer, tissue, and breadth mints. For the ladies, have small cosmetic items such as mascara, erase, lipstick, vials of perfume testers, tissue, combs, hairspray, a sewing kit, and breath mints.

 Have photo booth for your guests

Photo booths offer fantastic entertainment value for everyone and yet it won’t take up all of your evening. A few minutes is all that’s required between starting those photos and collecting your memorable photo strip, and if you want more fun, just use the booth again! Unlimited entries ensure everyone gets to use the booth as much as they want!

Ask your guests to write notes

Ask your closed and loved ones to write a note or a small piece of letter for you to be opened in the following years. But, be calm and open the notes only in the occasions to come. Feel the anticipation getting built since your wedding day.

When it comes to planning a wedding, many people tend to take a traditional route, but wedding is a special occasion. So, it’s fine to be flexible with all aspects of the wedding planning. Use the tips given above to make your wedding an event to remember and contact Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings for exciting deals and wedding packages in Dubai to make your wedding truly special.

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How To Choose Wedding Accessories To Complement Your Wedding Dress

Brides-to-be have endless opportunities to create a uniquely personalized wedding, and it all starts with finding the perfect gown and accessories. Now that you’ve found your wedding dress, the next step is choosing the accessories to complement it. Read on for advice on picking the perfect accessories, brought to you by Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings, the best provider of wedding accessories in Dubai.

Tip 1Budget Planning

Start looking for accessories once you have chosen your dress.  Take a picture of your dress with you when you go to choose jewellery or have a copy next to your computer if looking online so you can keep the style in mind.

Tip 2

Your wedding dress sets the tone for your wedding look and the veil has to follow its style. When choosing a veil, consider your wedding dress, its focus points and embellishments. Color of your veil has to complement rather than color match to your wedding gown.

Tip 3

You hairstyle plays an important role in determining your overall look on your D-day. That’s why it is always good to think in advance about how you will wear your hair on the big day and chat through the options with your hairdresser.

Tip 4

Accessories add a unique touch to your look, but even one too many can be over-the-top with an already-embellished gown. Before you start buying, take an inventory of your gown’s stand-out features and then base your choices around them. If your dress has an ornate neckline, opt for a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace. For a gown with a simpler style, try a bold statement necklace or a fascinator.

Tip 5

Order your jewellery in plenty of time for your last dress fitting, so you can see the whole look come together. Aghareed by Lafayette Wedding offers one of the best wedding packages in Dubai that offer everything you need to make your wedding day unique; from bridal dresses to hair and makeup to accessories, you get everything you want under their unique wedding packages.

When it comes to choosing the best accessories, sky’s the limit, with everything from stilettos and sandals to beautiful headgears and neckpieces; there are so many things you can experiment with. Use these tips to find the perfect accessories for your D-day or simply contact Aghareed by Lafayette Weddings for the best wedding accessories, wedding services or wedding halls in Dubai.

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